Friday, 1 October 2010

You Can't Quit, You're Fired.

Anyone remember this little article in RS, where Corgan claimed to have fired Jimmy Chamberlin from the Smashing Pumpkins in 2009?  As you recall, this was contrary to the previous statement by Chamberlin and indeed, Chamberlin denied Corgan's account himself in the RS article.

Well, guess what, Corgan's recollection of the affair, is a different this time around in a new interview with the Sidney Morning Herald.
" was a serious decision for both of us..."
Corgan states about the departure of Chamberlin. Last time I thought about what being fired by someone meant, it had little to do with a decision made by both parties...  

He continues "...we had invested a lot of energy bringing the band back. There was a point where we couldn't see eye to eye". This, at least seems more congrous with Chamberlin's own account. Then, in a reversal of his original "fuck you", Corgan actually echo's Chamberlin's original sentiments towards his one time 'musical soulmate', saying "I wish him the best. He's an incredible musician [the best drummer in the world - by Corgan's own account - DP]".

However, he again wraps himself up in another contradiction as he goes on to complain that his solo record was ignored because it wasn't "Smashing Pumpkins". What basis then does he have to expect something different of his ex-bandmates? But he does; "The stuff they have done (since) is off the radar from the general public."

Now, considering he hasn't spoken to Chamberlin since his departure, I guess he isn't aware that Chamberlin has been working on an new album, by This, this past year.  Maybe this isn't wider public knowledge, but since Chamberlin decided to take himself out of the music hype machine, taking a stance against prolific self-publicisation last year, maybe he doesn't... [deep breath]... care. I'm sure if he did and played by Billy's rules, he would undoubtedly have made an announcement about making an announcement, about announcing how great it will be, well before now... 

But perhaps, just perhaps, he has slightly more important things to do beside coaxing "a wider public knowledge" of his forthcoming record. Perhaps like Jimmy has said, his family means a little more than a bunch of cash and a few gold records.


  1. It's really too bad--tragic--that it has come down to this...that things ended up on such a low point. Whatever disagreements/animosity existed didn't have to be dealt with on a childish name-calling, he-said-she-said level.

    After bringing the band name back under such questionable circumstances to begin'd think this kind of drama would be avoided at all costs. That hasn't been the case.

    It's always seemed odd to me that no matter how talented the various members are, people associate the name of a band with whoever the lead singer is. Jimmy is a one-of-a-kind drummer, but a huge number of fans don't seem to pick up on that, or care. I guess what I'm saying is, the contradictions that you've pointed out in the above article are spot-on....but not many people seem concerned about it. It's frustrating that it all seems to be swept under the rug.

    I'm bummed out by what happened with this band, but it would be a lot easier to stomach, had it not come down to insults, personal attacks, publicly airing dirty laundry, etc.

  2. Yeah I know. It's really sad. I hoped that Billy would at least side-step bashing Jimmy, but like most everyone else he has ever worked with - he has to be in large derogatory.

    As for people not caring. I think that there's a large contingent of [older] fans who see through it all... However, I guess that most the people who still religiously follow Corgan/The Smashing Pumpkins just happily live with these contradictions. I understand why; they would rather have the music, be it in large an approximation, a replica, of why they liked it in the first, than nothing at all.

    They can eat the contradictions, nay-saying and blame games, just as Billy can when he says things like he's "focusing on making great new music" whilst the live shows remain, in large, a greatest hits parade.

    I remember when none of this, the politics, mattered. It was just the music. The good old days ... ahhh :)