Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Jimmy Chamberlin and Frank Catalano - God's Gonna Cut You Down

Well, we are super excited to hear that following the critical acclaim and commercial success of A Love Supreme Collective, that Frank Catalano and Jimmy Chambelin have collaborated again to produce a full length album of music. We are so excited that I was persuaded by an old friend to drag the blog back out of retirement to mark the occasion.  [Unfortunately, the old broken links will remain broken, and I seem to have screwed up the downloads, somehow. Sorry about that.]

But anyway.

I’m sure anyone who is a fan of Jimmy can’t help but to have appreciated the first release from Frank and Jimmy.  A Love Supreme Collective. If you’re a heathen however and haven’t bought it already, I implore you to go do so immediately. No excuse.  If the original recording isn’t already engrained in your musical brain, do yourself a favour and listen to the original recording before jumping into Chamberlin and Catalano’s personal, distinctive and bold re-imagining of the suite.

From the over the top bombast of the opener to the abstract subtly of Psalm for John, Love Supreme Collective is classic Chamberlin drumming, but with a twist. Much like with the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex’s Life Begins Again in 2005, A Love Supreme Collective provides a fascinating and invaluable context to Jimmy’s drumming in the Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan.    

Anyway, so the reason we are back - “God's Gonna Cut You Down” is the name of the new record and is available to pre-order over at Pledge Music, any minute now. I mean now. Actually. Literally. So, there’s a bunch of sax-related special edition stuff, which I’m sure will enthuse Catalano’s fans, but I’ll be sticking to the music. I wouldn’t have minded checking out a show (if I wasn’t on the other side of the planet) as the live shows so far have sounded pretty epic. If you don’t believe me –  judge for yourself and check out Chamberlin and Catalano at the Iridium last year, here, yeah >,,  

Aside from JC and Frank, God’s Gonna Cut You Down features - Demos Petropoulos, Scott Hesse, Mike Dillon and Ceredig Roberts. To say that this is a pretty cool line-up, is somewhat of an understatement; the combination of these musicians can’t help but to produce another unique and noteworthy musical offering. 

So yeah. Check it out. OK.

Oh, I should probably mention one other small bit of info before signing off again.  

The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex are back.

I know that most of you will have already seen these, but there’s a couple of vids here Keep your eyes peeled over on Jimmy Chamberlin’s Twitter for further updates. 

One can only wonder if the album will it take on the same format as the 1st Complex recording - a mixture of instrumentals and guest vocal collaborations... ???  

Dare we think the once unthinkable...

For now, my sources remain tight-lipped.

I'll keep you posted. Laters gang!

Friday, 19 September 2014


So, it was 5 years ago that I started this blog. Man. How time really does fly. But I'm afraid, it’s time for me to shut up shop.  I don’t have time to commit to maintaining this here blog anymore.  I mean, I know its design is about on the level of these days (which almost gets the prize for most poorly designed webpage in the universe, ever) so it’s not exactly the most time-consuming endeavour. But, to be honest, I just don't have the time.  It really is as simple as that.  There’s no bad blood or any drama or any of that stuff... 

It’s a shame, in a way, because to be honest Jimmy’s career is on the cusp of diversifying into a number of rather intriguing facets.  His recent musical endeavours for example have again thrown a fascinating insight into his work in Smashing Pumpkins and just how remarkable a musician he is.  But, alas, I simply don’t have the time to wax lyrical about how Resolution of Purpose recalls the bridge in Glass and the Ghost Children, or how in Psalm for John he is able to conjure a feeling of rhythmical cohesion stronger than some of his more distinctive, technical & busy beats, in an brilliant exercise in restraint and sublime subtlety.

I must say before I go though - to all those who were in and are still are in the SP community - it’s been a blast.  You might catch me lurking in the last crumbling wreck of the online community (as long as it still stands) and I might throw out a tweet or two (@drevpile) if I happen to catch that Jimmy’s doing something particularly cool, but really, I'm done. 

So, Jimmy, if you ever do stumble across this relic - thank you for your music and thank you for being an inspiration. 

But, for now folks - until we meet beyond the beyond or at the BC/JC reunion show, I’m out. 



Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jimmy Chamberlin and Frank Catalano's Love Supreme Collective Storms Chart...

Whilst Love Supreme Collective currently sits in the Itunes Jazz chart top 3 ,  head on over to Bandcamp to pre-order your copy in choice of formats.  Oh, and listen to Pursuance And Persistence in full! 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Love Supreme Collective - (alt. previews)

has a couple of alternative preview clips of the forthcoming EP. You can also get the tracks in Wav. unlike iTunes. I've still not seen a details of a physical release anywhere yet... Only a couple of days until it's released in full though anyway.