Friday, 30 October 2009

Jimmy Chamberlin Hints at New Band in Radio Interview

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For those of you who missed the afore mentioned JC radio interview on WPGU 107.1 - 'True Alternative' - you can download and listen to it here, thanks for the recording Redbull, over on Netohria. 

OK. So Jimmy was in the main promoting the Big Beat charity event. But with regards to new music; No mention of Jon Brion or the Starlight Orchestra. However, he said that he's been working on a new, as yet untitled, band with Mike Rayner (sic?) ED. Reina (cheers HU) and they have around 12-15 songs. Hopefully they'll be recording in January and releasing something in March. However, don't expect him to be blogging, creating a website or promoting anything before the music is complete... "Trying to sustain something that doesn't really have a foothold yet gets really tedious... i'm not into talking about how great something will be when it comes out...".

He also says as a huge music fan (paraphrasing) he 'doesn't have enough time to listen to ten songs from an [album], let alone sit around and listen to people bitch about people not listening to albums any more... it seems kind of silly'.

Check out a couple of Mike's other bands here: Phaser and The Jackfields. This makes me excited.

Listen to the interview:

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