Thursday, 4 March 2010

"Fuck You [Jimmy Chamberlin]" - Billy Corgan

So we finally get the other side of the story on why Jimmy [left] the Pumpkins, again in 2009...

In the newest issue of Rolling Stone (preview here), Billy, takes a little pop at former drummer  (as well as the rest of the original SP line-up) and musical soulmate Jimmy Chamberlin,
“Jimmy is a destructive human being, and people who are destructive break things,” Corgan says. “I don’t see me reaching the highest levels of my creativity if I’m unhealthy and if I have unhealthy people around me.[...]” After Corgan told Chamberlin he was out...I was like, ‘Fuck you,’”, Corgan recalls. “‘Go ride around in a white van for the rest of your life.”
Jimmy clearly has a slighly different perspective;
Chamberlin becomes apoplectic when he hears Corgan’s account. “In the middle of the last tour, Billy said it was the agent’s fault, then it was the band’s fault, then it was the fans’ fault,” the drummer says. “Yes, in the past, I was a destructive human being. I was a complete drug addict and a complete loose cannon, but I’ve taken responsibility for my life.” "In the grand scheme of things" he adds... it's a few Gold records and a bunch of money... I have a wife and kids and I am completely happy"
Jimmy's sentiments have been borne out in his recent clinic appearances (here and here) and in his statement when he left; where he wishes Billy all the best, and contrary to Corgan of his Jimmy's ideas, quite happily accepts Corgan's definition and pursuit of 'happiness/success'.

Updated 28 November 2011: Corgan makes an indirect apology for these comments; they were 'just the ugliness that goes with breaking up'

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  1. Wow. Billy is a twat.

  2. There is no drama, bad blood, or anything else... - from JC

    After Corgan told Chamberlin he was out, the drummer “unloaded” on Corgan, unleashing 20 years worth of pent-up insults - from BC

    I believe Jimmy. I think Billy is a horrible twisted individual. Everything i have witnessed of these two peoples personalitys make me think that Jimmy is so nice and honest and Billy is actually horrible.

  3. Billy Corgan is messed up. He should have left the good name the Smashing Pumpkins alone and ruined his own name under his solo project.

  4. I like J.c....But I also understand the pressure of keeping a creative element tight. People will do and say some pretty stupid things to one another. I believe there is mutual respect for each of their own abilities..and for all the work that we have embraced, we shouldn't judge either side too harshly....Now Darcy on the other hand was a liability...oops!

  5. I really respect the creativity and musicality of Corgan. It's what helped shape my own music career. But BC is really an idiot. Jimmy Chamberlin is (IMO) the 90s most talented drummer, and (once again IMO) is in the top 5 best drummers of history. JC seems like he's got his head on straight; BC makes himself look like he's a whiny teenage girl who can't get her way.

    I would personally hate to work with Corgan. There's a reason the other members never contacted BC back when the reunion happened...

    think about it.

  6. The music and image we all somehow help onto through years was a certain belief in innocence, a wonderment that en-captured our own human experiences and pit falls. As the years go on us original core SP fans have become as jaded and disheartened as our former idols. The red curtain is lifted and we see no resemblance to the band that captured us. Jimmy's departure was in my eyes the final blow to my idols demise. The Emperor Corgan is now alone and we wish somehow that his once friends and him would reconcile and play a few tunes from Gish again for us.

  7. The use of the name Smashing Pumpkins should have ended with the demise of the original line-up. But for sure there is no Smashing Pumpkins with out Jimmy Chamberlin. How can Billy Corgan hope to replace one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. Obviously why Led Zeppelin called it quits when John Bonham died. The Who made fools of themselves with out Keith Moon. Chamberlin is right up there with Ginger Baker (Cream)and David Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters -- when he was the drummer) as well.

    1. Could not agree more. I wish I'd posted that!!

  8. It' is like David Gilmour stated, Pink Floyd has gone through many changes, they were one band with Sid, then another when he was fired, then developed to another band when roger quit, and now that wright died they are another band.....but still pink Floyd, just evolved.

  9. I like the last one there.... they have evolved, for the better...... doing good and I think billy really seems to have his head together.

  10. Jimmy was ALWAYS the coolest Pumpkin.

  11. I love jimmy too but the pumpkins are still alive even without the same line up monkey is a sick drummer and Jeff is 100times better guitar player than James ever was the only real loss is jimmy but again Mike's a sick drummer

  12. Jimmy is a great drummer, but comparing him to Ginger Baker is a bit overboard.

    On the bad feelings, just a guess, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a political element to it. BC is so engrossed and outspoken about his right-wing libertarianism (Alex Jones interviews, lol) and that just doesn't jive with a majority of musicians. I have no idea what JC's political beliefs are, but it could certainly lie within the realm of possibility.

  13. The smashing pumpkins were really never a band. Iha and D'arcy were not good enough to play on the albums and didn't write hardly any of the material. Jimmy Chamberlin is a great drummer but he was a heroin addict. He probably wasn't dependable throughout most of the years of his relationship with billy corgan. What probably made billy corgan so mad at the chamberlin departure was that billy liked working with him because he is a talented drummer but the trouble that he caused broke his heart. Billy is a weird dude but hes a worker and he likes to get stuff done. That is probably what makes billy corgan hate his former band mates the most because they were not putting the same effort into it.