Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just a little update to the blog

I've made it a little easier to look back at anything that I've posted here previously  > The little Google search box, to your right, is your ticket to the past... 

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jimmy Chamberlin Snare For Sale...

But probably not the one you think.

Remember when I posted this, a little post about a chap picking up Chamberlin's Zeitgeist kit. No?  ... Well, anyway, it appears that he's already got 3 of Jimmy's snare's. So, apparently according to the ebay blurb, can do without this custom built Akira Jimbo model, which came as a part kit, thus:

This is clearly a unique piece of kit. Go bid now if you want it... If you live in the 'States that is... grrrr

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Corgan in Contradiction Shock

In an earlier interview, Corgan appeared to take credit for Jimmy Chamberlin's drumming style. "What???!!!11!111!???" indeed!
But, in another new interview he, again, talks a little about the formative moments of the band...
When we first started the Pumpkins and Jimmy Chamberlin joined and I realized he knew every Rush fill, I was like, 'OK. This is great.'. The prog element of the band is something that not everyone has understood, but Jimmy and I were both really into it.
So how much credit can you really take for influencing someone to play in a certain way, when, before they have even met you, they already know how to play like this?

Not that much.

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New/Old - Corgan/Chamberlin Track to be Released

That's right, from the The Fifth Waltz they're covering the Hendrix track Freedom:

Will be good to hear Chamberlin's take on Mitch Mitchell's drumming. Jimmy had previous rocked up John Bonham's Moby Dick at the Fourth Waltz.

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