Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Shamonic Beats???

So, this geezer - 'Shaman Durek' tweeted something interesting the other day -

In studio recording vocals for Jimmy Chamberlin for new meditations.Get ready for something wild. Shabbat Shalom.... Live Love Relax
First I've heard of this and as I'm most 100% sure the THIS record is done, I don't know what this is exactly. It appears that Jimmy is one of this dude's clients... That's all I know.

I guess more music from Jimmy, whatever form it may take, can't be bad, can it...???


  1. Kerry Brown retweeted one of his tweets today.

  2. Well, now that "Great Civilizations" is out [!!!] and it's only 6 songs... I wonder if it's just an EP or preview release and this dude is singing on a follow-up that they're putting together. I mean, who knows since there's almost no promotion so far.

    I'm two listens in, btw, and I'm really digging it so far.

  3. whaaaat, for real? where is it?