Friday, 26 March 2010

Learn how to play like Jimmy Chamberlin

In this months' issue of Rhythm Magazine in their Drum Lessons "Rock" section, you can "play like" Jimmy Chamberlin. 

Perhaps Taylor Hawkins should take a look. 

Anyway, there's a neat little write-up, some drum tab (Including; "a classic Chamberlin power grove - like the verse in Cherub Rock", "the closing four bars of Geek U.S.A" and "a segment from Life Begins Again" [DP - It's Loki Cat]) and a free video tutorial with Adam Bushell.

Go buy it.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"Here goes nothing" - Hawkins plays Chamberlin

Wanna catch Taylor Hawkins play [live] with Gannin Arnold and take on Chamberlin's part to the title track to Gannin's new album, "Not From Here"? If so, head on over to the Drum Channel right now.

Tune in from 60 minutes in to catch Taylor almost completely fluff the song by dropping his sticks... He must have known before-hand it might be a little challenging, 
"Here goes nothing...I'm going to have a lot of flounders on this one..." 
And he did.  But, aside from that track and Chamberlin's other part to the track "Get On With It", following "Not From Here", which he does mess up (!),
"...It's called jazz, or creativity... kids I'm trying to play fusion!"
he handles the rest of the tracks with aplomb.

But the whole show really is well worth a watch, really enjoyable, these guys are clearly having an awful lot of fun.  And the music ain't half bad to boot.  It's also got a very insightful pre-show interview led by Terry Bozzio. 

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Monday, 8 March 2010


Well, Google's marvellous 'Analytics' tells me that we've hit 100 regularly returning visitors to the blog, so, hi there everybody. I guess it should get really interesting in the coming months with Chamberlin currently recording tracks for his band This.

I'll keep you posted with any news that I find scouring the blog -o- sphere and HU ;)

If there's anything anyone wants to see on the blog, drop us a line in the comments section or what not and I'll do my best.



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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Linda Strawberry comments on Chamberlin's "departure" from Smashing Pumpkins

Earlier today, Linda Strawberry (famed Corgan hanger-on and 'artist') thought it wise to join in the contentious discussion, on The Smashing Pumpkins' Official Message Board, following the publication of the exposé, Billy requested, in this months' Rolling Stone.  She then saw fit to remove her comments...  

However, living in this day in age, nothing is deleted from the internet;

... [Jimmy] battles alot of demons. It was hard to be away from his gorgeous wife and kids. The 'dream' of what its like to tour and do all of that is nothing like the reality... I also think the 'road' makes it near impossible for you if you are battling old demons - so its probably not the best place to spend your time if you wanna stay sober...
...if you just profile [Jimmy] = here's a guy who lived on the very outer edge for years - raced fast cars - has died and come back to life - overdosed - done everything imaginable - um.. of course he has a destructive streak! everyone knows that. the stories about jimmy are legendary on par with any other rock legend. its amazing he is still alive!... It's the hardest thing to go from that to sober, stable, married father. Of course he's going to face some major ups and downs.
What exactly the purpose of these comments were, seems somewhat unclear... There seems to be a leaning towards suggesting that Jimmy had or was relapsing?

Fired or not from the Smashing Pumpkins, one can only surmise that Jimmy is glad to be away from the kind of people who speculate & insinuate things about his personal life, so freely and thoughtlessly, in the public arena.

(Update 19:17 - 07/03/10)
Stawberry is back on the Smashing Pumpkins message board, and states ;
I was in no way implying Jimmy had relapsed leading up to him departing SP. 

So there.

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

"Fuck You [Jimmy Chamberlin]" - Billy Corgan

So we finally get the other side of the story on why Jimmy [left] the Pumpkins, again in 2009...

In the newest issue of Rolling Stone (preview here), Billy, takes a little pop at former drummer  (as well as the rest of the original SP line-up) and musical soulmate Jimmy Chamberlin,
“Jimmy is a destructive human being, and people who are destructive break things,” Corgan says. “I don’t see me reaching the highest levels of my creativity if I’m unhealthy and if I have unhealthy people around me.[...]” After Corgan told Chamberlin he was out...I was like, ‘Fuck you,’”, Corgan recalls. “‘Go ride around in a white van for the rest of your life.”
Jimmy clearly has a slighly different perspective;
Chamberlin becomes apoplectic when he hears Corgan’s account. “In the middle of the last tour, Billy said it was the agent’s fault, then it was the band’s fault, then it was the fans’ fault,” the drummer says. “Yes, in the past, I was a destructive human being. I was a complete drug addict and a complete loose cannon, but I’ve taken responsibility for my life.” "In the grand scheme of things" he adds... it's a few Gold records and a bunch of money... I have a wife and kids and I am completely happy"
Jimmy's sentiments have been borne out in his recent clinic appearances (here and here) and in his statement when he left; where he wishes Billy all the best, and contrary to Corgan of his Jimmy's ideas, quite happily accepts Corgan's definition and pursuit of 'happiness/success'.

Updated 28 November 2011: Corgan makes an indirect apology for these comments; they were 'just the ugliness that goes with breaking up'

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