Monday, 24 May 2010

Corgan Responsible for Chamberlin's Drumming Style

So says Corgan, in effect, during a new interview with MusicRadar.
"...the style that Jimmy helped create, which is a very fast hands, busy style...was something I kind of had to encourage Jimmy to do through the years."
Granted, of course, there's got to be some oscillation between band members influence over one another. But it seems clear, to me at least, that Jimmy's style is based fundamentally on aspects of the ['very fast hands / busy style'] of most all the Jazz drummers (and indeed some Rock drummers), he has ever cited as his (some formative & pre-Pumpkins) influences, rather than (just) the influence of Corgan.

Also strange that [in the formative period of the band] Corgan had previously explained,
" took about two or three practices before I realized that... Chamberlin's playing was something that enabled us to rock harder than we could ever have imagined."

I never knew that realising something was the same as influencing it...

"All kudos to Jimmy..." indeed.  

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