Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jimmy Chamberlin Snare For Sale...

But probably not the one you think.

Remember when I posted this, a little post about a chap picking up Chamberlin's Zeitgeist kit. No?  ... Well, anyway, it appears that he's already got 3 of Jimmy's snare's. So, apparently according to the ebay blurb, can do without this custom built Akira Jimbo model, which came as a part kit, thus:

This is clearly a unique piece of kit. Go bid now if you want it... If you live in the 'States that is... grrrr


  1. Shredder from Turtles.not jeff25 July 2010 at 23:53

    according to wikipedia Jimmy and co recorded 'Life Begins Again' in one week "Recorded 22–29 June 2004". is it true??
    and it says 'Following Chamberlin's March 2009 departure from The Smashing Pumpkins, he has said that he will continue to record under the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex name.'
    so what about THIS? I went to JCC official website, and it says 'This'. maybe its the name of the upcoming cd?

  2. I saw him use this model of snare with Zwan in 2002 very briefly. At first I thought this was that exact one, but then read the info which says it was custom made for the Zeitgeist sessions. If I remember correctly, the one he used in '02 was a pale blue color. He used it for a couple of songs, then looked really pissed off and got the drum tech's attention, & switched it out for a different snare for the rest of the show. (This was when he was still using the Machina kit, before the Zwan album came out). I wondered if this snare might be hard to tune since it has so few lugs.

    I wonder which Zeitgeist tracks feature this snare. I remember an interview where he said he used a Recording Custom snare for "Ride A Black Swan", saying it had a "brash sound".

  3. was 'Life Begins Again' recorded in just a week? wiki says 'Recorded 22–29 June 2004'. it also says 'Following Chamberlin's March 2009 departure from The Smashing Pumpkins, he has said that he will continue to record under the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex name.' I thought that he will continue under the name 'This'? or maybe the upcoming album will be called 'This'? it would be cool if he'd decide to continue under the name 'Jimmy Chamberlin Complex'. the debut album was pretty decent. also I think theres alot of bullshit in wikipedia, so Drevpile, what do you think about that stuff writen in JCC wiki entry?

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  5. I'll have to double check on Life Begins - but I'm almost certain that it was put together over a three month period and not just a week.

    Regarding 'This'. It appears that the Complex is on hold and 'This' is actually the name of his new band.

    Regarding the snare C. Your memory does not deceive. He was using a prototype model during the early Zwan period. I think that the it was around 2005 when he was happy with it and used the final version almost exclusively on the the Complex record. Although it looks like he uses an Akira Jimbo model on the 'Sloth' demo:

    I think there may be some confusion. I'm sorry if the post above isn't clear. The model pictured in the post above isn't his actual signature model. It's a [second snare] part of a custom kit that was built specifically for the Zeitgeist recording sessions.

    This is a link to his main snare - his official Signature Snare:

    He did say that he used this model exclusively on the recording of Zeitgeist. He has been using it exclusively as his main snare at every live show since Zeitgeist was released. (As far as I am aware)

    Hope that answers some of your questions.


  6. Yeah. The one I mentioned was at the Galaxy in St. Louis, 2002. I think it was just a regular Akira Jimbo model. Looked just like this, but was light blue, kind of a sky blue. Seems like I remember him selling it on Ebay, not absolutely sure though.

    I did see him start using his prototype signature snare (that you mentioned) at a drum clinic, around Aug 2003, right before Zwan broke up.

    Later there was an interview with him where he mentioned that many other drum brands were "complete crap" or something. He mentioned the craftsmanship of the Yamaha factory artisans, and said something like "...they showed me how they build drums, I can go in there anytime I want" Do you know the interview I'm thinking of?

  7. This is the list of snares that Jimmy was selling:

    I'm pretty sure that he used an Akira Jimbo model for the last show. Whatever the snare it had wooden hoops, which is quite unusual for JC.

    I do recall the interview you're talking about, though I can't quite bring the exact one to mind right now. I'll have a look through some old modern drummer magazines.


    Just looking for the 'Yamaha kicks ass' interview on-line and happened across an interview about the recording of the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex. So to answer your earlier questions, Shredder / Nijole, it wasn't done in a week but near enough > 10 days!!!

    "so we wrote the album in about 25 days and recorded it in 10."

    As for the bit on wiki about continuing with the Complex, he did say that, in his statement when he left SP. But I guess he's just doing This for the time being... We'll see.

  8. Last show meaning - the last Smashing Pumpkins show in 2000.

  9. I just remembered this tasty pic of some of Jimmy's snares, from the days of the Zwan website. Jimmy obviously has owned tons of snares, but the wood-hooped one at the bottom sure looks like it could be the Akiro Jimbo one I mentioned earlier. But who knows.