Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Chamberlin's 'Zeitgeist' Kit - Sold

User mekong56 over at the Pearl Drummers Forum reports that, a little while ago, Jimmy Chamberlin unloaded a couple of drum kits, following his move back to Chicago back in 2008, owing to a lack of space. This makes sense following his spilt from BC - I guess it would be a little awkward to share Pumpkin Land 2.0.

Anyway, a couple found their way to The Drum Pad shop, where Jimmy held a clinic last year.

Here are some real nice images of Chamberlin's kit, coutousey of the Kit's new owner Mekong'.

And a few snippets of extra info:
- It is a Maple Absolute Nouveau. He only used it to record rather than tour...
- The second snare is a 13x7 snare (an Akira Jimbo model w/ JC's name on it)
- It is a very light green that Jimmy said he had custom made, to have a 'soothing effect' in the studio - (a colour that Chamberlin picked out at 'Home Depot' and gave to Yamaha to match. )
- There are 4 bass drums, 22x14, 22x16, 24x14 & 24x16
- They store also had Jimmy's 'Jaguar finished' Absolute kit, which he used with Zwan, thus;

- and his Yammy Phoenix Hybrid Shell - Copper finish. (I can't recall seeing him use this, shame on me)
Hopefully some audio samples will follow... 

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