Monday, 10 May 2010

Jimmy Chamberlin on New Album by LEILAMORDE

Apparently 'Jimmy Chamberlin drum samples' are on a number of tracks.

Check some of it out here... and here

More info about where these samples originated anon...

(I'd put money on JC drums being on "Qui non c'è gravità"...)

(Update: 12 May 2010) I got in touch with Dom and Marcello from Areasonica Records and this is what they had to say about the samples;
...when we chose the drumsets, we had various options, so we [used] the Jimmy cd-samples/loops* because they fit perfectly for some tracks...Chamberlin was not directly involved, but the jc-drums we used...influenced some tracks...
...yes the track "qui non c'è gravità" ("there's no gravity here") is fully jc. 

...At least five or six of the other tracks have double or triple drum-sets, where only bits and pieces of jc-drumset have been used... Basically, jc is in the first four tracks, track 8 and 10.
* I'm assuming they mean these...

Great to hear Jimmy Chamberlin's influence in another 'genre', other than the ones he's usually associated with...

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  1. most of the tracks with organic sounding drums sound like jimmy's tone.. which is weird hearing it against this style of music!

    know where i could get sound samples/download that drum loop library?

  2. Hi bossicus,

    I'm just about to update the post with some info that I got from the press-office about JC's 'virtual involvement'. I agree, it's certainly interesting to hear his influence in this type of 'genre' as opposed to what he's usually associated with.

    As for the drum loop library, I've never seen it illegally uploaded - but, the good news is that its not too expensive to buy.