Sunday, 18 October 2009

Influences / Recommendations

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I pieced together from various interviews and articles and what-not... I'm sure it's far from all encompassing - maybe if anyone ever visits here, you could add others that you know in the comments. Anyway to the list >

Cream - Disraeli Gears
Return to Forever – Return to Forever, Romantic Warrior
Elvin Jones – Jazz Machine
John Coltrane – Giant Steps
McCoy Tanner - The Real McCoy
Tony Williams – Tony Williams Lifetime
Tony Williams – Believe It
Jeff Beck – Blow by Blow, Wired
Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
Lalo Schiffin – Dirty Harry Soundtrack
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
Frank Zappa – Roxy and Elsewhere

Lenny White
Jr Robinson
Ian Paice
Buddy Rich
Louis Bellson
Ginger Baker
John Bonham
Genre Krupa
Elvin Jones
Bobby Caldwell
Tony Williams
Steve Jordan
Roy Haynes
Tony Allen
Barrymore Barlow
Larry Bunker
Joe La Barbera
Paul Motian
Nadara Michael Walden
Richard Bailey
Billy Cobham
Dave Weckl
Terry Bozzio
George Laurence Stone
Steve Perkins
Matt Cameron
Matt Walker
Keith Moon
Shelley Mann
Mitch Mitchell
Chick Webb
Ed Shaughnessy
Sonny Payne
Jimmy Cobb
Kenny Clark
Danny Carey
Art Blakey

Bands and Artists:
Weather Report
Return to Forever
The Tony Williams Lifetime
Jethro Tull
Led Zep
Bill Evans Trio
Mars Volta
Herbie Hancock
Wayne Shorter
King Crimson
Chick Corea
Duke Ellington
Count Bassie
Benny Goodman
Artie Shaw
Miles Davis
Steely Dan
Joni Mitchell
Fela Kuti
Mahavishnu Orchestra

United States: Deep Purple - Chasing Shadows
Tarantula: Deep Purple - Pictures of Home

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