Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Buy Jimmy Chamberlin's Drum Kit

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So reports spinner:
Billy Corgan Headlining Benefit for Former Smashing Pumpkins Fan Club Leader - Spinner

...Corgan will take the stage [at Los Angeles' Echoplex on Nov. 8] as part of the Backwards Clock Society in order to help raise money for Laura Masura, the former head of the Smashing Pumpkins fan club. Masura shattered her leg on Sept. 9 in a motorcycle crash on the Pacific Coast Highway, stalling her ability to make a living producing jams... Corgan has also donated two special autographed items for auction: Jimmy Chamberlin's drum kit from the band's 1991 'Gish' sessions and tour, and Corgan's original bass guitar, which he played at the band's very first show and used on early demos. The items will be available via eBay soon.

Ed. Billy didn't donate the kit, Laura did. Jimmy signed it.
And the touted SP E-Bay store has an eBay profile

Update 21/10/2009:
Here's the Kit:
Cheers to SP.com for the images. Obviously Copyright and what-not.



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