Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Starlight Orchestra...

Bad news for Complex fans, good news for Fans of Barry Manilow!

More news in from the Zildjin on Tour, Tour. Netphorian werideatdusk writes;

I was at the Drum Pad in Palatine...I asked [Jimmy] if he was doing another Complex record, and he simply shook his head.

werideatduck continues "[Jimmy] seemed very excited for his new project, the Starlight Orchestra, which he described as “orchestral pop” that borrows from Queen, ELO, Yes, and Pink Floyd. He concluded by describing it as a “drummier Pink Floyd” with strings, or “Barry Manilow if it didn’t suck”.

Sounds good to me. werideatduck tries to remember the name of the guy Jimmy is working with, but fails. However, he does provide us sleuths with a very helpful insight; "I think Jimmy said he has collaborated with Rufus Wainwright."

Now, if we combine 'collaborated with Rufus Wainwright' with the name John and you get two results, using the amazing powers of wiki' to search Wainwright collaborators named John. The first that fits the bill, pianist & big band composer & arranger John Oddo. This would certainly fit with the big band swing aspect that we've heard rumours of.


the second John, or should that be Jon, is none other than "multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer and record producer" Jon Brion. Who's extensive résumé would easily cover the bill... And considering that Chamberlin stated that he wanted to work with him back in 2007, in an interview with Modern Drummer. I think we've found our man!