Sunday, 1 April 2012

Jimmy Chamberlin Re-Joins Smashing Pumpkins

(Again, Again, Again)

Just got word that Jimmy Chamberlin has re-joined Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins.  Sources close to the band report that following a serendipitous invite to the true-fan only ‘Amazon Listening Party’ for the Smashing Pumpkin’s forthcoming album,  Oceania, Chamberlin was so awestruck by the quality of the recording that he reached out to former bandmaster Corgan and tabled a deal to re-join the outfit.   

Sources reveal that Chamberlin privately cited many reasons for his return to fold; “it’s been too long… it’s totally driven by a desire to not sound anything like ‘classic pumpkins’ and to explore totally new ground… It’s all about the cash… I just love wrestling and tea and so does Billy…my shaman told me to do it… Teargarden has been an unmitigated success so far – it's the best release method ever”.

However, the official announcement, announced over at Smashing states Chamberlin’s true motivation:

"I want Corgan’s dreams, his songs and his band back together..."   

"...I have waved any creative input and final say on everything, it will be, and rightly so, all Billy's. This is a make or break year for the band and only securing the best marketing deal will ensure the bands future, not the music.”

When asked by the "gatekeepers" of Smashing Pumpkins fandom, oddly comment disabled site, about the specific moment he realised he wished to reconcile his musical ideology with Billy’s own, Chamberlin explains;
“It was about 7 or 8 tracks into the new record. In each track I heard the drums doing things I have done in other songs or pretty much would do - given the chance.  I kept thinking, this in an odd bastardisation of my originality as an Artist and if Billy wanted to just get someone in to play like me, why not pick, say Matt Walker.  He actually did it OK”.  He continues “I figured that; if they’ve got a new guy in and he’s just going to approximate what I’d do, but so incredibly poorly I can’t really comprehend it, I should probably just do it myself”.  

Chamberlin continues, “I was quietly optimistic that Billy would move forward in new musical directions, as he always used to try and one of the reasons I used to love the band, but now my priorities have changed & it’s why I’m back in; I am all about living in the past now. I am the difference, I am the 97%.  I realised that touring on ‘Rat in a Cage’ into my 60’s, is my real dream future”, gushes Chamberlin.

Talking about the future, for the handful of you out there wondering about the prospects of drumming tyke Mike Bryne, unfortunately the one and only music pundit who was in the slightest bit bothered by his dismissal, didn't have much hope;
“Even if my life depended on it, and I had Bonham, Moon and Rich as my phone-a-friends, I couldn’t pick this guys style out of a line-up of 5 ‘mathrock’ drummers."

Bryne, tweeted his disappointment at his inevitable dismissal; “shit. I dun goofed #imitationnotnecessarilythesincerestformofflattery”. 


  1. should I laugh or just cry? I seriously don't know ...

  2. Heh.

    Gotta pretty much agree with Manu.

    Seriously, what is up with all the wrestling crap, and tea.

    Not that I'm in any way, shape, form, or by any stretch of the imagination, able to take this mangled mutation of what is supposedly "Smashing Pumpkins" seriously, but.....yeah, this album would probably be easier to stomach if they had brought in someone like Matt Walker (assuming he'd even be interested) --the guy has worked with BC for long enough now, and is a pro/session player, that he'd at least do the songs some justice and give a solid backdrop. He was able to keep up on the Mellon Collie tour on short notice, and did a nice job on his few recordings with SP like "The End Is The Beginning" with drumming that fit in with the SP sound without sounding like it was struggling to ape Jimmy (that fast funky beat and nice little hi-hat accents on the Batman track worked really well). I doubt someone like Matt Cameron would be interested in working on a new "SP" album at this point, but if they'd just brought in some legit drummers for Oceania/TbK, and maybe just let Byrne be the touring drummer (give him more time to practice?) ...I don't know, I'm sort of dreading this album. It's probably going to have its moments, but I'm fully expecting some painful & awkward drumming bits.

  3. You guys do know it's April fools day... Right?

  4. Yes. The point is the undertone of the whole thing. Like, that these jokes wouldn't be applicable if SP hadn't turned into the trainwreck it is.

    1. Sad but true, anonymous guy/girl....sad but true

    2. shit. i dun goofed. hahaha.


  5. Everyone loves to watch a trainwreck.