Friday, 6 April 2012

Jimmy Chamberlin's 'Penny' Prototype Kit

The kit Jimmy decided to order has a custom "prototype" Copper Lacquer Specialty with Chrome Hardware. Jimmy actually sent in a penny that we used as a color match. The Shells are a ply combination of VLT Maple and Mahogany with no reinforcement hoops. The kick drum hoops are Solid Black Lacquer. Sizes: 5x8, 7x10, 8x13, 10x14 rack toms, 14x14, 16x16 floor toms, and 16x22 kick, with a matching 5.5x14 snare and a stainless steel 6.5x14 snare.

So, check it out > 

Exploration of Music - Jimmy Chamberlin from Brendan Baldwin on Vimeo.


  1. Love it! Nice video.

    Sooo odd to see the high hat foot on a double kick instead. But sounds phenomenal, as usual with JC.

  2. And you can see the ruins of his Yamaha kit in the background. The most extensive double bass work we've seen from JC yet on video... And honestly, though I'm inclined to say I like most things JC, his new kit is an exception. Its kind of ugly. I guess its pretty damn new though... still sportin DW factory heads... I really wish he'd ordered an 18" floor also. *sigh*


  3. I'd like a better view really, but first impressions; it ain't a patch on old yellow.
    Bearing in mind this is at least 4 months ago - can't wait to hear how proficient JC has become at the old db by now... though VERY odd not to hear the hats...