Saturday, 14 May 2011

This just doesn't get enough plays...

When JC has talked about Machina being " the most honest record [Smashing Pumpkins] ever made, because it's the least least forced. It's what came out of us naturally, as opposed to songs like 'Geek'..."*  I just think that this is a perfect example of SP playing naturally back in the day. At the very least, it's one of the great examples of JC playing what seems to come completely naturally to him: The ease, power, swing/feel and harmony with the guitars he injects is well... just, absolutely, splendid. G&TGC and Stellar went on to echo this type of playing from JC perfectly, as far as I'm concerned.

Let us know if you feel differently;


*Rhythm magazine Christmas 2000

P.S I may have had a dram or two 2 many, please excuse me.


  1. Absolutely; agreed 100%. Just so powerful and magic.

    I hear a hint of G&tGC around 3:40...

    The middle and end of Cinder remind me a bit of the long breakdown section of the 20th Anniversary performances of Siva. (So much of what has happened has left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I just don't often even enjoy visiting the 2007-2011 stuff. But there were bits & pieces of that old SP magic here & there, between all the bullshit). I don't remember which particular 2008 Siva I heard--but it was easily on par, even better in ways, than the old performances. And they'd even revisited and reworked the old "hindu-sounding" intro, playing with the time signature a little, and showcasing those badass JC flams.

  2. I'm sure you have/heard the SBD "Official Live" releases. Starting from around ~4:00 on, this is what I'm talking about:

  3. I've always loved this song/performance. If living in the past means listening to stuff like this, fuck the present.

  4. AMEN! great performance. I also hear this relaxed yet powerful attitude toward drumming in Hummer, Set the Ray to Jerry and even Superchrist. These tracks feature phenomenal drumming that I feel is overlooked. Jimmy's just amazing good at balancing accents/gracenotes, 'feeling the song', and THOSE FLAMS!
    Also, yeah I think the '08 version of Siva is the bast the band's ever done. I saw it in live in '08 and was completely blown away!

  5. Wow, either I've totally forgotten this song, or I've never heard it. Either way, big thumbs up and thanks!