Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I might, might, be able to coax JC and Skysaw to answer a couple of questions...

I have my own super nerdy ideas of course, but rather than just ask them - I thought I'd throw the floor open to you guys... So, post away in the comments.



  1. To Jimmy- How do you think the recent switch to DW has affected your drum sound? Do you believe that it gives your sound more of a taste? Why or why not?

    -Epiphany Thomas.

  2. Any other tour plans for this year, like maybe some stops in the MidWest?

  3. To JC: Any plans for another JCC record?

  4. Thanks for the floor, Drev. Before asking my own, I would like you to list your super-nerdy questions. Save me the embarrassment, you know?

    Secondly, if you are going to have this opportunity, you should try to guide the discussion in the direction of song writing, composition, recording ideas, the concept of collaborating on high-quality recording via shared email attachments, etc etc. Its just a stab in the dark, but I think they'll appreciate the focus being on Skysaw and not just on Jimmy Chamberlin.

    Tour questions are great, and a more extensive US/UK tour should be encouraged! We all wanna see them new DW's shine in person as well as hear the music.

    And what about RTB? His involvement has been stripped away? I'd like to know why you take away the producer of Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Colored and/or limited vinyl releases?

    Camera/Recording policy at live shows??*

    At the time JCC was touring, it was mentioned a handful of times that they were staying at shitty hotels, riding in white vans, and flying in coach. Is the present touring approach different? Is everyone handling their own equipment or does Skysaw come fully equipped with techs and roadies?


  5. [Some] of my questions (as requested). As I said though I think it would be cooler if you guys asked more :)

    Anthony Pedals - what's the set up.

    What was Roy Thomas Baker’s involvement with the record?

    The typical trajectory of a band starting off is to tour then record – how does it feel to turn that concept on its head?

    How many songs have they recorded as Skysaw? future releases >>>> What is the name of this song; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL_1D5yer50 and will it see a release?

    What prompted the switch from 6 track EP to full album?

    Who put together the orchestral arrangement on Am I Second / Who played on it

    How exactly would JC describe his style. It's so distinctive and almost instantly recognisable in any song. How does he feels it has developed over the years and where does he see it going?

    Jimmy has obviously inspired a lot of drummers; has he ever felt the line has been crossed from imitation/flattery, to pure plagiarism?

    Rumours are that the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex had a couple of tracks in the works; details?

    [SP related]: What, if anything, can Jimmy tell us about the upcoming remasters and archive releases?

    You have a couple of the other covered WC ;)

  6. ask him what he thinks of mike byrnes work on the new SP material.

  7. Those are good questions, Drev. Not nerdy at all. I had my own delusional thoughts of trying to coax an interview out of them...but then I thought that would be inappropriate...and nerdy.