Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Interview/Podcast with Jimmy Chamberlin

"Mase talks it up with former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin about his new band SKYSAW...playing clubs again and ripping off his own drum parts. " 
Just having a listen now...


Skysaw is not about making a hit record... it’s about having fun 

Chamberlin clarifies his statement in the recent SPIN magazine interview "I've learned that you can call it a band, but unless everyone is contributing it's not really” and says that this doesn’t apply to his time in the Pumpkins; in particular with his song-writing relationship with Billy.
With regards to recording: JC recorded the drums, bass, guitar and vocals to tape – loaded to pro-tools for mixing; “24 Tracks just wasn’t enough”.

In terms of Roy Thomas Baker, it appears his presence was a little ‘imposing’; “Mike and Anthony were a little freaked out”; the sounds he was getting were ‘bigger than the band...he brings more than just his Rolls Royce to the studio” and they didn’t actually end up using any of the tracks recorded with RTB on this record, but he hopes to record again in the future with him and his “stamp” is all over Great Civilizations. 

They talked briefly about the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, writing, recording, and mixing in 40 days... nothing about anything new from them (JC and Billy Mohler) though...

With regards to hitting the club scene again; the feeling of playing doesn’t change whether or not you’re getting your drums out of the back of a (white?) van and setting them up yourself and if you’re a millionaire getting a massage before a show. It’s the same experience; just as long as people are having a good time.

With regards to the Pumpkins; JC left it in the immortal words of D’arcy; “being in the Pumpkins, was like being in a marriage with 3 people you wouldn’t even consider dating”.

JC is not involved at all, other than giving it the green light.


  1. "“Mike and Anthony were a little freaked out; the sounds he was getting were ‘bigger than the band..."

    Sounds intriguing, kinda wish we could hear this.

  2. I wonder what kind of tour merch is available.