Monday, 4 April 2011

Jimmy Chamberlin on Drum Channel [Live]

No subscription for this folks, check it out on Tuesday 12 April, right here
Chad Szeliga of Breaking Benjamin will took a break from filming his DVD here at Drum Channel to join us on DC LIVE.  Chad will met up with Terry Bozzio for a LIVE interview and jam session, and special guest Danny Seraphine and Jimmy Chamberlin jumped in on the conversation.


  1. Drevpile - I was wondering if you'd noticed this. Hasn't seemed to come up, but it looks like Jimmy's drum tech, Timmy Doyle, maybe is still the drum tech for SP. I know Tim worked with Jimmy in Zwan & The Complex...can't remember but think he was in SP2. Anyway, in some recent videos (thinking that Terminal 5 broadcast, etc), it sure looks like it's Mr. Doyle back there with Mike see him a few times between songs making adjustments & whatnot. Just been wondering about this. Thought it was sort of an interesting dynamic...

  2. No, I hadn't noticed. I noticed JC's signature snare - but I haven't been able to sit through an entire show of SP3 i'm afraid.

  3. Haha. Well, it's gotta be the same guy--shaved head, moustache/goatee I think.

    I just thought it was interesting/odd/perhaps-business-as-usual that Jimmy's drum tech would continue to work with SP with a new drummer (wonder if he will continue to be employed by Jimmy as well?). Guess it's just professional/work-related relationship. Maybe it's not a big deal.

  4. Regarding sitting through an entire show of SP3, it just kind of hurts, doesn't it?

    T Doyle was loyal at least through the JCC touring days, but beyond that, I don't really know much about him. Maybe someone who saw the Skysaw concert has a clue?

    Either way, tour commences promptly and this question will be answered.

    Bigger questions are: 1) What snare will Jimmy play now? 2) What is the fate of his signature snare at Yamaha? (I know someone suggessted Yamaha will discontinue all Sig snares, but I cannot corroborate that and it is difficult to believe)

  5. I haven't heard anything about signature series being cancelled altogether at Yamaha either. But, yeah - wonder what he'll go with.

  6. Looking at the DW snares;

    Taking bets on:
    ALUMINIUM 5.5x14

  7. Interesting, but not not interested. In placing bets, I mean.

  8. The JC Signature Snare is kind of a weird deal now. After the development that went into it, and JC talking about how it's the perfect universal snare for him & that it "fulfills all my needs from the lightest shading to the heaviest backbeat"...only to move on to DW.

    Then, ironically, you've got a kid replacing him in SP, on a DW kit using a Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Snare...

    Gish-era Pearl Free-Floating snare FTW.

  9. Mike Byrne uses the JC snare? That's odd.

    I wonder if DW agreed to do a full signature kit. Jimmy had talked about this eventually happening with Yamaha.

    I half hope they the reports of them yanking the signature snare from the Yamaha are true so I will have a relative rarity on my hands. Especially with it signed by the man.