Thursday, 6 January 2011

Here Goes Nothing (again)

Catch Taylor Hawkins again on Drum Channel rebroadcast, on January the 11th, fluffing Jimmy's parts.

In other news, Drum Channel have put up a couple of teaser vids for the Jimmy Chamberlin interview and jam with Terry Bozzio on their Youtube site...


  1. It's pretty amazing to see him rag on James as being "not able to play." D'arcy, sure, and I'm not a big James fan, but I felt he was at least a competent guitarist.

  2. Yeah, he's been nothing but complementary in every single other interview he's ever given, when talking about James; so, I wouldn't read too much into it - the comment should be taken in context - as in, when the band started (they couldn't play as well as billy and jimmy...). Which, I think is a fair comment.