Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"Here goes nothing" - Hawkins plays Chamberlin

Wanna catch Taylor Hawkins play [live] with Gannin Arnold and take on Chamberlin's part to the title track to Gannin's new album, "Not From Here"? If so, head on over to the Drum Channel right now.

Tune in from 60 minutes in to catch Taylor almost completely fluff the song by dropping his sticks... He must have known before-hand it might be a little challenging, 
"Here goes nothing...I'm going to have a lot of flounders on this one..." 
And he did.  But, aside from that track and Chamberlin's other part to the track "Get On With It", following "Not From Here", which he does mess up (!),
"...It's called jazz, or creativity... kids I'm trying to play fusion!"
he handles the rest of the tracks with aplomb.

But the whole show really is well worth a watch, really enjoyable, these guys are clearly having an awful lot of fun.  And the music ain't half bad to boot.  It's also got a very insightful pre-show interview led by Terry Bozzio. 

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  1. you are very angry, i like both chamberlin and hawkins, and gannin,chaney and hester are also great musician with a good career.