Monday, 28 June 2010

A Shadowy Flight...

Well, I'm bored. Can't find anything remotely news worthy. So, instead of looking at the present, I had a little look back to 1997/98 when Jimmy was racing cars. And thanks to Mark Windecker, here is a picture of said race car, well one of them anyway (apparently he drove a Porsche at some point as well):

White van, schmite van, Billy.  JC rolls in the KNIGHT RIDER CAR

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Updated - 29 June 2010


  1. Ok,so should I rename my Jimmy Chamberlin fan page on facebook from "Team White Van" to "Team Knight Rider Car"?


  2. Jimmy rocks! Literally!

  3. Uhh, no photo anymore

  4. That should have fixed it, i think. Cheers.

  5. "Marietta's Jack Baldwin returns to the SPEEDVISION Cup series as new lead driver in the #12 Wheel To Wheel Racing Pontiac Firebird Formula. Baldwin shares the ride with new Marietta driver, Jimmy Chamberlin, who debuted at Sebring in a Porsche."

    May 8, 1997 at 12:19pm

  6. The Magic of the internet. You can find anything these days!

    Car number 2 = Jimmy Chamberlin (sic LAIN)