Monday, 28 June 2010

THIS Photos

Lurking in the new media tab, you may well notice a couple of pictures of This, from back in Janurary this year. Check out Jimmy, Mike and the one and only Roy Thomas Baker, in Kiku Fukuzumi's photo stream.

Update: 29 June 2010

With the kind permission of Kiku, take a look :)

Also check out Kiku's JC Website, it puts my blog to shame.

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  1. LOVING the THIS pictures!! :) Needs to be put on blamo/SP forums. (:

    Drevvy,Kiku's website will NEVER put your blog to shame!!!!

    Your blog is amazing. (:


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  4. Epiphany IS right, Drevpile, your blog IS amazing!!!!!!!! :D I <3 Jimmy!!! (p.s.- me and Epiphany are good friends. she's the one who told me about machine somehow)