Thursday, 30 January 2014

Jimmy Chamberlin NEWS

Yes, it's true.

We actually have some actual news

1: Chamberlin will playing some more shows with Frank Catalano, in support of their forthcoming album

2: We asked Tyson Meade for an update on his album (feat Jimmy) and he deliveredIntriguingly, the most recent* addition to Belly Corgan's persona non grata list, Bongo-Master and 'studiodog' Kerry Brown, is producing the record;
From the Kickstarter update: "The good news is that I go to LA next week to finish mixing the record with my pal Kerry Brown who just worked on the upcoming Afghan Whigs record.  The release date is April 22nd. Jimmy Chamberlain contributed three drum tracks to the record. To say that I got emotional when i heard the tracks he contributed is an understatement. They are GODLIKE! Hail all to Jimmy..."
*no official word that the current hiatus of the Smashing Pumpkins represents the addition to the list we're all hoping for.  But here we remain eternally optimistic that it's indicative that Corgan has finally come to his senses and fired Byrne.   


  1. I guess you've seen this:

    Thanks for all your JC updates, keep on the good work.

  2. Won't be at the shows this weekend unfortunately as I will be out of town but will be at the upcoming shows for sure and will be sending on more crappy iPhone vids :)

  3. Hear this yet?