Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Session Drumming...
Jimmy Chamberlin on working with Gannin on the 5 World Class Drummers DVD. "It's a great educational tool for drummers to hear what an influence a drummer can have on a song. When you hear Ian Paice play a Deep Purple song you feel that interpretation and we as listeners tend to embed that stuff in our brain like it's written in stone. Certainly if you hear 'Take Five' with Joe Morello there's a certain expectation in the listening and our brains are used to being satisfied in a certain way.
What it does is tell you there are so many ways to interpret a song. Listening to Terry [Bozzio] play some of those songs with his ability to listen and re-interpret on the fly, it just tells you there really are so many ways to skin a musical cat and that the beauty of all of our playing is that no two drummers are even remotely alike. The five guys playing the same song are completely different interpretations of that song.
The beauty in drumming is really in the personality of the person holding the sticks and how the sound comes out through that personality, not really the technical proficiency. "We as humans get into this 'oh it's sacrilegious, it can't be this way'. What we have to get into our heads as artists is that really change is good and it doesn't have to feel uncomfortable.
A lot of times we get comfortable in our listening and it's a good way to push ourselves out of our comfort zone."

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  1. Going to have to check this out. Never heard of it, anyone familiar with this Gannin Arnold's work?