Friday, 16 November 2012

Smashing Pumpkins Archive Project - Dead. Again.

Remember the awesome archive project the Smashing Pumpkin proposed which was headed-up by 'author' Monte and 'super-fan' team "the Lucky 13"? Yeah, well - it's been abandoned, for the forseable future.

Let's use the rest of the post to reflect on some of the achivements of the Lucky 13;

Well done guys - you dun goofed. 


  1. Say IT* ain't so!

    * Information Technology

  2. Billy likes to kill. Melvoin, D'Arcy (not dead, but regularly crashes her Audi through barns in rural Michigan), likely a countless number of roadies, the Archive Project, SP1, SP2, Zwan, Kurt, Lucky 13, James, Bat Strat, Jimmy, Gooch (wtf ever happened to Lougee?). Now if only Billy would focus his efforts on Phil Mckenna and Frank Quinto.

    Serious offer: $10 for every stable relationship Corgan has been able to sustain. And Flood doesn't count cause he is just too bizarre.