Monday, 19 November 2012

Jimmy Chamberlin Wraps Recording on New Album

The album Jimmy Chamberlin has been working on with Frank Catalano and Percy Jones is in the bag. Since announcing on Friday the 15th of November that he was "Up early this morning to set up drums for a recording session with Jimmy Chamberlin... [who is] tracking a new album" drum tech extraordinaire Vic Salazar has been keeping us updated with a couple of photos here and there.  Today he reports that the recording session has wrapped;  "It's all done. Time to mix!". 

For those of you scratching your heads regarding the kit Chamberlin has been snapped playing, no he hasn't re-signed with Yamaha - he's just playing the studio's kit.  Interestingly, to me at least, in none of the photos that I've seen posted has [standard] close-miking been evident.  I'll speculate a little here - but judging by the musicians, coupled with the ambient miking - I'm getting the distinct impression that this is going to be quite an improvisational jazz record...  Unless they've been rehearsing for months of course and lest we forget Life Begins Again took what 40 odd days to write and record, with only 10 days in the studio proper...

Anyway, I'll keep you posted as we learn more.


  1. Pretty exciting, can't wait to hear this. Very glad to see Jimmy doing projects like this!

  2. No Update on this anywhere. Damn Jimmy being secretive all the time.

  3. No, not yet. It's like one extreme to the other with Corgan and Chamberlin. Corgan can't stop going on about the next big thing every two minutes, whilst JC keeps quiet for 2 years... If only he could hit the middle ground...