Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Skysaw - No One Can Tell - Video

For those of you who can watch, tis blocked here in the UK for some reason.



  1. Gish album on the floor at 3:09!

  2. yes, and the purple Disarm 7" is featured in the same frame with the HUT label facing the camera. so?

  3. Interesting about the Gish album appearance. Made me look for more stuff...

    * As mentioned above, the Disarm HUT 45 is right there...

    * Also clearly a Sub Pop 45....Tristessa? at 3:02

    * Prominently a Flying V guitar next to the Gish album, obvious around 2:20

    ^ Not wanting to read too much into it, but at 2:57 the Sub Pop SP record is surrounded by some fairly Pumpkins looking guitars--which flicker on & off (hmmmmm)

    Also, they're surrounded by stacks of cash...the records are surrounded by what kinda look like red & blue pills.

    Gotta wonder about all the bottles (alcohol) placed everywhere.

    Dark & sorta tragic vibes. The lyrics and imagery really suggest some sort of riddance and distance toward his old band.

  4. this should be viewable worldwide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOXTVUuLJpg&feature=youtu.be