Saturday, 16 July 2011

Skysaw 2011-07-02 Black Cat - Download

Right here. Cheers cabbage


  1. Hah, Cabbage ain't a fan of Skysaw. Sad.

  2. Lol - no he really isn't. But it appears that he does like the band Thursday... so, well; each to their own n all.

  3. Can anyone confirm this setlist? Pretty sure about everything except the last song.

    Skysaw Black Cat Washington DC July 2011

    1 Serrated
    2 Am I Second
    3 Sad Reasons
    4 Great Civilizations
    5 No One Call Tell
    6 Tightrope Situation
    7 All I Hear is Snow
    8 Nothing's Ever Easy
    9 Capized Jackknifed Crisis
    10 Cathedral


    Tracey Janey Girl
    ??? <== must be TURN BURN

  4. Your setlist is dead on. I was there, it was a great show. Last song is called "Turn Or You'll Burn"


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