Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jimmy Chamberlin's SKYSAW - LIVE

Well, last night Mike Reina, Jimmy Chamberlin and Anthony Pirog's SKYSAW made their long anticipated live début last night. They were joined on stage by touring members Paul Wood and Boris Skalsky. Here be a quick multimedia recap of some of the goings on.

JC's 'new' set up...

Pedal's galore - but apparently there's more! :o

A couple more photo's on this stream.

Thanks to: @lukasjudge, @stefangoldby & especially @cundinama (who I suspect & hope, will write a full review anon...)

Also super special thanks to TMS [regular] Dystopic who reports;
They played the first 5 songs off the EP, plus 3 other tracks.

Jimmy was playing a silver DW kit with a 10/12/13 (rack) 16/18 (floor) tom setup (my best guess, anyway). No 14" left mounted tom. Could have been a rental. Also, holy shit does Anthony Pirog use a lot of pedal...

I talked to Jimmy really briefly afterward, gave him props and then asked about tour plans and the upcoming record release. He said they're touring with Minus the Bear this summer and the record will have the This songs remixedplus others not on the This record.
This support slot alongside the aforementioned Constellations, for at least one of the dates, has as been confirmed by Steve Hall, of Steve Hall productions on facebook;
Supporting Minus the Bear at Sky City in Augusta Georgia on Memorial Day Monday, May 30, will be Skysaw & The Constellations, be sure to check both bands out! Adv tix are just $15 & on sale now at http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/organizationSearch.jsp?organization_id=755&cobrand=skycity
Lastly 'theeagleishere' has posted a couple of snippets over on his YouTube;

Here's one;

I think the most notable aspect of the gig, from reports so far is Jimmy's set up. I suspect that it may be down to getting in a rental kit, as others have suggested;  I can not imagine JC switching manufacturers at this point and from all the rehearsal photo's JC was still using his signature set-up.  He did of course mention that he was considering reconfiguring his kit at some point, when he was interviewed with Terry Bozzio.   I guess to know for sure we'll have to wait until the next show to get a better idea.

Until then, here's one last video of Chamberlin rocking an equally unique kit;


  1. Haha, well that's a DW kit as well!

    Totally forgot about this...but in the Vieuphoria video for Slunk on Japanese TV, wasn't he playing a DW kit? Old school.

  2. Believe it or not, that was the other guitarist's pedal board. Anthony's was even more beastly.

    Happy to help. :)