Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The New THIS EP is Out

I gots to go to work. But you can get it on iTunez or Amazon (if in US) - no sign at Bandcamp!?- hope it's good...

Oh, if you want further info, don't bother with the website yet - i'm led to believe there was a last minute rethink on the design...


  1. Well, that's the perfect length to walk to work... It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but no real suprise that I rather like it. Don't think this will be everyone's cup of tea though. But what is. Anyway hope you lot enjoy. Cheers.

  2. I'm about to download it from Amazon right now. Can't really say much about it after listening to the free clips. But somehow the vocals and the overall feeling reminded me a bit of James Iha's Let it come down Album.
    That'd be bad because I was really hoping for more ...

  3. I really like it. I hear some Beatles in there. Lots of emotion in there (which is more than I can say for BC these days). Did Jimmy write the lyrics?

    Jimmy is amazing as always. The man never disappoints musically for me.

  4. Not sure about the lyrics... I guess we might find out when the website / physical release gets sorted. The record is definitely growing on me.

  5. Drev, you said it best: not what I was expecting, but I'm really digging it. And my fondness only grows as the repeat count increases.

  6. Yeah, I've been half listening to it at points throughout the day, but after sitting down and giving it a proper listen tonight - I think its really great. It has a very warm, feel and interesting layers to it. It also gives me the, for a lack of a better phrase, heart-warming emotional connectivity that I get from any good honest music, I guess. :) perhaps it teeters on the super feel-good / cheese fulcrum at times, but I dont care . Ha.

  7. the title track has an almost Vampire Weekend feel to it, which I did not expect, but is very good! It's a nice, upbeat record that makes me smile. right on Hope those outside of the US can download again, soon

  8. I'm aware that Jimmy has had some family stuff going on, but I'm puzzled by the fact that it's only 6 songs, as well as the complete lack of info. I hope everything's OK.

    It's odd hearing him drum in a completely different context of what we're used to (new band). Haven't had a chance to listen to this repeatedly, but have already heard several trademark JC drum parts (even the little intro fill to track 1 that he's always been fond of doing, and does so fluidly--love it).

    He certainly has a groove that's instantly recognizable. I'm not sure there are many other drummers that I'd be able to immediately pick out without being told that they were playing on a song.

    Hoping to hear plenty more from this amazing legend that is JC.