Friday, 25 February 2011


Anthony Pirog just got in touch:

SKYSAW are on Twittter:!/skysawmusic
Website: (coming soon)

Record release > 16 APRIL


  1. Wonder if that short "THIS" album will be considered more of an EP, and if the proper Skysaw album will have all new songs on it?

    I remember reading online somewhere quite a while back, that someone had met Jimmy--maybe at a drum clinic or something--and had asked him what his new music was going to sound like. JC said something along the lines of "'s gonna blow away anything I've done before", to which the fan responded "...even United States?", with JC responding "...Oh yeah." So, I was a little surprised when I heard the THIS album and it didn't really correspond with that info. Wonder if the final album will have an "epic" Jimmy track on it.

  2. Yeah, I hope that we get more music that showcases the chops, so to speak. Interested to see if SKYSAW will just release [Great Civilizations] in exactly the same format as 'THIS'... I hope we get a couple of new tracks at least...

  3. I hear that there is a track on the Skysaw 7" called "Serrated" or something like I think that we WILL be getting some new tracks. :)

    -Epiphany Thomas, who can't wait for SKYSAW.