Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Get Real - Jimmy Chamberlin

Remember this guy, well apparently JC will be on his radio show this Thursday, between 9-10PM PST...

If someone could cap it for us, that would be splendid - I don't fancy getting up at 5:00AM really...


  1. Oh man, someone please record this!

  2. "...Grammy award winning musician, composer, producer and educator Jimmy Chamberlin"

    ^ Damn straight. :)

  3. Man, what is all this hippie shit??

  4. Sorry I'm not recording, but after 40 mins of slogging through spiritual BS they're asking him about what he's working on right now.

    "This" is now called "Sky Saw"(?) and just inked a deal in LA. Jimmy's also talking about being a suburbanite. He's also recording music w/ Shaman Durek (unrelated to This/Sky Saw).

    Now more spiritual BS... :(

  5. Aha.. just put two and two together with that Eno vid from the other day.

    Also, I don't mean to be disparaging about spirituality in general. But it's hard for me to take seriously a radio host that talks about speaking with the caller's spirit guides.

  6. Last bit of "news" out of the show is that Sky Saw should be playing shows in the spring/summer. I think Jimmy does have some very insightful and uplifting things to say, and I think his general philosophy is solid. I just wish it wasn't wrapped up in vibrations and resonance and spirit guides.