Sunday, 23 February 2014

Live Review and Cherub Rock


...Chamberlin's playing encouraged the softer, subtler side of Catalano's music, the drummer crafting taut swing rhythm via thoroughly economical means. Chamberlin's less-is-more approach eminently suited the somewhat more controlled, more measured facets of Catalano's playing and showed a real sensitivity to jazz aesthetics... The soulfulness and blues-based phrase-making of Catalano's solos stood out, Chamberlin's delicate brush work enriching the music...
In addition to the live shows with Frank Catalano, following the set on Saturday night Chamberlin sat in with Umphrey's McGee - playing a version of Cherub Rock  > Listen (in part) to it here


  1. Takes a bit to get going and I don't like the mix. He's still got it though.

  2. He's still playing his signature snare, lovely. Wonder if the rest of the kit was DW or Yamaha