Saturday, 12 January 2013

More Details on Chamberlin's Jazz Record

According to the Chicago Tribune, the record (which should be released sometime this year) promises to be "a high-powered, high-energy affair."   
"It's definitely a jazz album," 
says Frank Catalano of his partnership with Chamberlain and [Percy] Jones. "Yeah, Percy has played on Brian Eno records, and Chamberlin with the Smashing Pumpkins, obviously, but they're such good players in a jazz setting too. "I knew it would be a powerful trio, but it has ballads also."

The record was recorded around Thanksgiving, and they're about to start the mixing process...

As always - more details, when I hear them.

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing this.

    My dream is to have Jimmy team up with Buckethead to make some sort of metal /Jazz / experimental album. Which will never happen because it's a pipe dream to begin with and also because Bucket is a recluse and jimmy is probably too high profile for him.

    Still looking forward to some Jimmy Jazz. Former yes guitarist Trevor rabin released a Jazz instrumental album last year that I enjoyed. It really surprised me to be honest because he was always one of those 80's shredder type guitarists and I had no idea he had it in him.

    BTW Hi Drevpile. Since Blamo is dissolving I'll try and come around here more often and leave comments.