Friday, 24 August 2012

Tonight Tonight, Chamberlin Leaves Skysaw

Skysaw is no-more, Chamberlin demo's Tonight Tonight, Geek U.S.A and Complex tracks.
Get the full lowdown over at HU.

Here's a couple of vids that have appeared, both of SP drumming masterclass Tonight/Tonight

Fingers crossed for a couple more... I'll keep you guys posted. Cheers.

BAM: BOO-YA: Streetcrawler


  1. Awesome that he's playing some of the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex stuff. Hopefully there will be more music from The Complex..

  2. Geek U.S.A. >>>

    What a performance...and he's playing to a fucking backing track!
    So Jimmy has left Skysaw. He's going to record a couple of songs with
    Tyson Meade this year. That's about it, right?

  3. In response to the Tyson Meade comment, I hope that maybe Chainsaw Kittens [Tyson Meade's band] could reform with JC on drums, or that someday JC will return to SP...or another Jimmy Chamberlin Complex album! I wish JC all of the best in whatever he decides to do.

  4. I really liked Skysaw, more so than the Complex. :(

  5. As nice as that pro-shot official footage is, it makes it all the more frustrating to not get to hear the entire songs...

  6. I want to hear the isolated drum tracks.

    I wonder if Jimmy hits the drums harder when he hears Billy's voice? Doesn't he have Corgan stencils on his drum heads?

  7. Ah Streetcrawler, LOVE that one. Miss the Complex.