Monday, 18 June 2012

Corgan Compares Chamberlin to Bonham

Corgan talks some sense this time;

Are there other things you admire about Zeppelin?
When John Bonham died, they announced the band is done. They didn't step back and think about it. I've always respected that, because he was their brother and they knew it wasn't gonna be the same without him. And I had to learn those lessons the hard way. When Jimmy Chamberlin left the band in '96, I thought, "I'll just get somebody. The band is big and we'll find somebody great. It won't be the same, but it'll be just as good in a different way." It just doesn't work like that. You just don't replace your brother like that.
Listen to Chamberlin's take on Moby Dick


  1. Actually, scrap that. Go listen to Bonham's Moby Dick from How the West was Won. You won't be disappointed.

  2. I think Corgan is just schizophrenic seriously...