Thursday, 13 October 2011

Corgan on Jimmy Chamberlin's Return to Smashing Pumpkins

... in 1999 (sorry)

In a recent phone interview, with Corgan recalls Jimmy Chamberlin's triumphant return to the band in 1999;
...The Pumpkins had just reunited with drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, and while there were rumors he was back with the band, the audience wasn't sure until Chamberlin sat down behind his kit and pounded out his signature intro to "I Am One."

"I'll tell you what, I've played a couple thousand shows in my life, and the sound that came out of that audience when they realized it was Jimmy on the drums was probably one of the top five moments that I've ever had on stage," says Corgan. "It was a complete joy, it was so beautiful."...
Listen to that moment, here or here

Here's hoping that one day, this moment can be repeated...

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  1. I want that so bad, Drev. I want it. I'll pony up. Goodness I'm shocked. JC, run back towards SP. Your kid will be ok I'm sure.