Tuesday, 20 September 2011

[New] Chamberlin in Modern Drummer Interview

HERE in the online portion of their 'Influences' feature
MD: ...What’s your attitude toward other drummers picking up on things you’ve played?  

Jimmy: ...My thing is that I don’t want to sound like anyone else. Even if I have to play sloppy to do it, I’m prepared to do that, because first and foremost what’s important to me is to not sound like anyone else... I often get chastised for telling people that the only point to practising is to learn to be yourself. But I really feel that way. 
Looks like the interview will be expanded in the November issue of MD
(TB: http://www.moderndrummer.com/site/2011/09/jimmy-chamberlin-the-ex-smashing-pumpkins-drummer-takes-a-new-direction-with-skysaw/trackback/)


  1. Didn't Jimmy once say that the artistry of musicianship is being able to steal little bits of others' without anyone knowing? I love his drumming but damn, sometimes dude is inconsistent.

    Awful hangover Saturday, btw. sorry for subjecting you to me.

  2. ^ "The best musicians are thieves that never get caught" or something....think he was quoting Buddy Rich