Sunday, 26 June 2011

Interview with Jimmy Chamberlin - Dynasty Podcast

CVU86 - Jimmy Chamberlin by DYNASTY PODCASTS

In this, one of the last ever Local Q101 interviews (?), Chamberlin talks about the current state of the music industry, touring, the future of Skysaw and more.


  1. That was the coolest interview I've ever heard in my life, droppin' wisdom!

  2. 'that would be putting the horse before the cart' - approximately 31:20.

    JC - My world is turned upside down. Where is the horse supposed to be???

  3. PS - For a dude so interested in just playing his drums and tuning everything else out... well, he certainly is interested in 'maintaining the illusion' and such shit. perhaps he should become less philosophically involved and just play the god damned drums? just maybe? still love him, though.